Classic mistress for real subjects

Mistress Dr. Dshuna

I am Frau Dr. Dshuna - a very competent, sadistic medfet & clinic specialist with an excellent reputation. I can look back over nearly 20 years of experience and I act at the highest level with a even higher sense of responsibility.

According to your application I will generate a patient`s profile and create an appropriate session/treatment for you. Fixed predetermined processes such as screenplays are not acceptable to me. You can trust me and let go. Your taboos are always 100% respected.

You will meet a petite yet dominant, untouchable and if necessairy caring and surely high skilled Mistress Doktor. Every meeting is absolutely personal and therefore authentic - that's what I'm known for. I will lead you safely through our world of bizarre and sadistic medical treatments!

The power exchange is maintained at all times. Mutual trust is the foundation for a successful session.


  • scripts & wishlists
  • preliminary talk on site
  • session on eyelevel
  • intimated contact, barefoot erotic
  • caviar
  • dirty talk, extreme dirty games in general
  • infantilism
  • alcohol, drugs, Procaine & nitrous oxide
  • permament bodymodification

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