Trust me - follow me

into the bizarre world of my medical fetish

You should know that my highest passion in the bizarre clinic belongs to the needles. Your body is my canvas. It makes me happy if you have a strong masochistic side.

But also seeing you fixed on the chair or couch, plus the prescription of an insistent urological examination with flowing follow-up treatments, inspires my bizarre creativity.

I work in a highly professional manner with sterile disposable material that meets hospital standards.

Possible treatments:

  • restriction
  • mask training, gas mask
  • deprivation
  • mummification
  • urological examination & treatment
  • golden shower therapy
  • respiratory therapy (aromatherapie)
  • gag training
  • electro stimulation
  • Venus2000
  • shaving
  • enemas
  • catheter
  • irrigation
  • oral intake of fluids
  • rectal examination
  • urethra dilation & vibration
  • needles, sxxturs & medical stapler
  • scxxxtum infusion
  • tubing
  • androgynous transformation
  • latex, heavy rubber (SPECIAL)